Un update worth 7 months of my academia life

It looks like i’m making a habit out of long overdue posts and updates. The upside of this is: I’m constant in my overdue posts and updates. And that is something you can rely on!

Some good things happened while I was out of reach from my website, some are almost happening and others will continue to happen until the end of October. After the return from the latest mission in India (OGR Session project development, talks and cerimonial sessions;  a talk at Goa University for the project “Pensando Goa”) I engaged in the finalization of the co-authored book, by myself and Francisco Lameira, to be released very soon (keep posted) dedicated to the altarpieces in the ancient North Province in India (Daman, Diu and Bassein).

Last month, I was at the MSA Conference in Madrid, representing my research centre with the talk “Heritage Management in Post-colonial Goa in a crossroad of collective memories, past dilemmas and future challenges”, engaging also in a very productive social agenda with experts from different backgrounds, allowing me to aquire new and exciting knowledge.

This month: Leiden is calling. ICAS 11 is starting this next 16th July and i’ll be presenting my paper “Colonial Heritage in Post-colonial India: questions around heritage values, identity and preservation“.

I will also have the pleasure to be discussant at the panel “Sail/Canvas/Screen: Heritage Preservation and revorery across geographies and media” were Robert Parthesius – New York University Abu Dhabi, Alia Yunis – University of Amsterdam, Jonathan Sharfman – New York University Abu Dhabi, Vishvesh Kandolkar – Goa College of Architecture will be presenting they’re papers.

In the meantime, and while we all academics are waiting for answers relating to the submitted projects to FCT, i’ve started a diferent and exciting colaboration with the Portugal’s Constitutional Court until the end of October, to do one of the many things I know out to: colaborate in the organization of the Quadrilateral Meeting between Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. So, if you are around Lisbon or Leiden in the next days, you might just bump into me.

Until next time.


The overdue post..

PRD005.ADAAZ-03I’m back again! In fact I was never really out but juggling academia and my other lifes really takes a toll in some of our commitments (…like updating our website) wishing one could have a thousand arms just like Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. But if that was the case, I would also wish for a thousand clocks for a thousand timelines to be able to meet all the deadlines one thinks is able to respect. I’m sure many of my fellow colleges see themselves in this duality (at least I’m not alone) that is unfair in many aspects. If you, like me, are seeking a greener pasture in this way of life, that is hard to get, difficult to bare without and extremely unfair while you are not there, you can nicely picture yourself here. If not, just imagine working around the clock, missing family outings and get togethers (or just like me being there but actually “not there” when your mind is still trying to get some Do’s to the Done list) just for sports… at least that’s what i’m doing for the past few months. Yep, the status that I share with many like me, is of a professional social sciences researcher without funding or job position. Not that I haven’t looked for it (..in every opening) but it is just the time that we are living in. We just have to stand in line for the next train but keep producing science so that when the train stops at our station, the ticket we hold is valid…

alc5445Despite the drama of the low financial of my academia life, I’m working over the clock and on exciting projects. One of that is Old Goa Revelations that will take me again to Goa very soon. Since time is of the essence, this website of mine will surely be neglected for a few more than I would like to but be sure to find me and the team of OGR in the next months.

So there it is: the invitation to follow the website, facebook page, youtube channel of Old Goa Revelations: New insights on the Viceroys Portrait Gallery


Summer in the City?

15894490958_d73e458d03_bSummer is here but despite the sunny invitation of lazy afternoons, beach and sun baths and friend reconnections, looks like I’m going to have a summer, not in the city, but in the cities. The song that is echoing in my brain (Summer In The City by The Lovin’ Spoonful) brings the promise that despite the heat it’ll be alright. I can live with that for now but check on me by the end of the month! My summer will be a good mix of long hours over the computer, conferences, travel, fieldwork and whatever time left I have is going straight to family time. Yes, before the summer ends I would have talked in 6 different events, travelled two continents and done a little bit more of fieldwork.

Bellow, I’ve broken down this information and presented it by date of the event. All extra information for each event can already be seen at this website Agenda |Conferences&Lectures

Upcoming events:

And now, back to writing, but I will try to keep this website up-to-date as I go. All off you that can attend the events please do so, they are full of interesting people with very interesting ideas, projects and research data that i’m also looking for to learn.


Back to Portugal, Goa and back

Long time no see!

Yes, in fact, my bad. It was another of those intense travels for research and then festivities settled in (Xmas and new years eve) on my return from India and it was family time.

De Artibus in Auream Goa, before Conference at Fundação Oriente, Fontainhas

But then again, just a few day after I’ve returned to India in January as part of a research team De Artibus in Auream Goa – Contextualization of the Influence of the Royal Lisbon Workshop and its pictorial technique beyond national territory. The project is funded by FCT-Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Orient Foundation and gathers experts from several institutions in Portugal, cooperating with also a large number of institutions in India.

To know more about this project please check the interview, links provided: Newspaper article Pg1 and Pg2.

hora-dos-portuguesesIn Goa I got invited for an interview for RTP International over the show Hora dos Portugueses.

This interview is a small sample of my research work by India and if you are interested in checking it follow the links provided: Hora dos Portugueses, Episódio 25 RTP and Youtube.

Spoiler alert: I’m speaking portuguese

It was an intense end of the year with an intense start of a new one. Until my return.

Goa »fastfoward »

2016-11-07_184814After a few flights, and a lot of hours travelling, a week as already passed and I’m all set to restart the project. The locations are already chosen and I’m all set to get to the next round. Next round means a lot of travelling, for the archdiocese is not just Goa, it’s also Daman and Diu. Next round also means that I’ll be meeting new people, and get to see old friends and acquainted.

It will mean a lot of travelling (for the Archdiocese is not just Goa, it’s also Daman and Diu). And also, it means I’ll be meeting new people, and get to see old friends and acquainted.

It will be interesting to see again some places that I haven’t visited since 2007, others since 2009 and a few since 2012. The benefits of it is the data already collected from my previous travels allows me to get insider readings for my considerations regarding effective conservation-restoration practices and preventive conservation measures.

No false morality here: this is the benefit of being in and out of India for almost 10 years now. In those 10 years, I’ve become an advocate for the indo-portuguese heritage, giving it the voice it needs to fight for survival, helping people get informed about legislations, best conservation-restoration practices and measures to prevent greater or total loss (preventive conservation). I might be only one person in Goa, but a multidisciplinary team of experts is always holding my back, and that is always the way to go: multidisciplinary teams (and trained professionals with years of experience in this very particular climate, and minimum intervention, and compatibility, and reversibility… this never gets old and I will say it until the end of my days).

Those implicated in this last sentence know who I’m talking about so thank you always. A heavenly thank you, though, goes to Miguel Mateus, my mentor in this C&R questions, whom Goa heritage and myself have a lot to thank for.

Until the next post, Dev Borem Korum!


Welcome October and the academic duties

October starts with the regular visa application to India and ends with the travel to it. In between, a lot of work will take place. Like always, India is not a vacation site to me so, work, meetings, research are on the agenda. Of course, occasional friends visits also.

But before getting myself into an aeroplane where is what is going to happen:

International Conferences

Diu e os Diuenses – Perspetivas Multidisciplinares

Venue: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa e ISCTE-Instituto Universitario de Lisboa

When: October 27-28.

Organization: Hugo Cardoso | Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa and Pedro Pombo | IIT Gandhinagar; CEI-IUL

diu-poster-a3-imagemThe island of Diu, off the coast of the modern state of Gujarat, in India, currently has a relatively small population (around 40,000 inhabitants) and a peaceful atmosphere that sharply contrast with a remarkable built heritage and camouflage a history of great centrality and dynamism. Despite the significant amount of scholarly research done on Diu and the Diuese in different fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Diu is still commonly treated in articulation with (and overshadowed by) regions like Daman or Goa, which often dilutes the specificities of this territory. This congress places Diu and its inhabitants at the very centre of the debate, and from there explores the multiplicity of connections they establish with other parts of the world.

Good news before the summer


Yes, eventually working hard pays off.

I’ve submitted a project to a couple of funding institutions and I got the news news that I was awarded a research scholarship from Fundação Oriente to start (or better, to continue the work i’ve already started in March) the Plan for the Preservation of the Historical and Artistic Heritage of the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman.

The aims of the project, already approved by the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman, rely on 3 main areas:

  1. Building of Internal Legislation towards the Preservation of Heritage;
  2. Formation of the clergy in Heritage Management;
  3. Implementation of Guidelines for the Intervention in Heritage.
I can not express the size of my joy, knowing that this will be a turning point and a unique opportunity to give voice to heritage, silently watching they’re disappearance for lacking of specific and adapted regulations that act in favour of the heritage keepers.
So, summer for some, work for others! I have some hard summer (working) nights ahead of me.