Get to Know Me


Scientific Researcher. Press Officer. Event Producer. Public Relations.

I have a background as a Scientific Researcher in History and Heritage. If this topic interests you, please check my academic profile, here, and consult my academic CV, here. Presently, I also wear other hats as a Press Officer, Event Producer, Social Media Manager, Project Manager, Branding Consultant, and Public Relations professional. My colleagues describe me as a strong leader who performs well under pressure with a positive and warm demeanor. I am a skilled communicator, able to handle multiple tasks and effectively communicate with others. I am passionate about Event Planning and bring years of experience in planning, branding, coordinating, and executing events. I am dedicated to advancing the goals of projects, combining my motivation with technical expertise. I am highly organized, proficient in written and verbal communication, skilled in various social media platforms and office technology, proficient in photo editing and basic copywriting. I thrive in collaborative environments but am also a capable teleworker.

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