Get to Know Me


Press Officer

I am now a Press Officer, but first I was a Scientific Researcher in the areas of History and Heritage. In the meantime of these two activities, I was, and am an Event Producer, Social Media Manager, Project Manager, Branding Consultant and Public Relations. People say I’m a strong leader who works well under pressure, with a positive and warmhearted attitude. I praise myself for being a highly competent communicator, proficient in multitasking with effective communication with others. I am passionate about Event Planning where I can bring forth years of experience planning, branding, coordinating, and overseeing various sorts of events. Furthermore, I always commit to furthering the mission of a project, allying my motivation to a variety of powerful geek skills. I’m highly organized and versed in written and verbal communication, adept at various social media platforms and office technology programs, photo editing and also hold a few copywriter skills. I’m dynamic and independent and love to work in collaborative environments, but I’m also a consistent teleworking person.

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