Un update worth 7 months of my academia life

It looks like i’m making a habit out of long overdue posts and updates. The upside of this is: I’m constant in my overdue posts and updates. And that is something you can rely on!

Some good things happened while I was out of reach from my website, some are almost happening and others will continue to happen until the end of October. After the return from the latest mission in India (OGR Session project development, talks and ceremonial sessions;  a talk at Goa University for the project “Pensando Goa”) I engaged in the finalization of the co-authored book, by myself and Francisco Lameira, to be released very soon (keep posted) dedicated to the altarpieces in the ancient North Province in India (Daman, Diu and Bassein).

Last month, I was at the MSA Conference in Madrid, representing my research centre with the talk “Heritage Management in Post-colonial Goa in a crossroad of collective memories, past dilemmas and future challenges”, engaging also in a very productive social agenda with experts from different backgrounds, allowing me to acquire new and exciting knowledge.

This month: Leiden is calling. ICAS 11 is starting this next 16th July and i’ll be presenting my paper “Colonial Heritage in Post-colonial India: questions around heritage values, identity and preservation“.

I will also have the pleasure to be discussant at the panel Sail/Canvas/Screen: Heritage Preservation and revorery across geographies and media” were Robert Parthesius – New York University Abu Dhabi, Alia Yunis – University of Amsterdam, Jonathan Sharfman – New York University Abu Dhabi, Vishvesh Kandolkar – Goa College of Architecture will be presenting they’re papers.

In the meantime, and while we all academics are waiting for answers relating to the submitted projects to FCT, I’ve started a different and exciting collaboration with the Portugal’s Constitutional Court until the end of October, to do one of the many things I know out to: collaborate in the organization of the Quadrilateral Meeting between Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. So, if you are around Lisbon or Leiden in the next days, you might just bump into me.

Until next time.

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