The overdue post..

PRD005.ADAAZ-03I’m back again! In fact I was never really out but juggling academia and my other lifes really takes a toll in some of our commitments (…like updating our website) wishing one could have a thousand arms just like Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. But if that was the case, I would also wish for a thousand clocks for a thousand timelines to be able to meet all the deadlines one thinks is able to respect. I’m sure many of my fellow colleges see themselves in this duality (at least I’m not alone) that is unfair in many aspects. If you, like me, are seeking a greener pasture in this way of life, that is hard to get, difficult to bare without and extremely unfair while you are not there, you can nicely picture yourself here. If not, just imagine working around the clock, missing family outings and get togethers (or just like me being there but actually “not there” when your mind is still trying to get some Do’s to the Done list) just for sports… at least that’s what i’m doing for the past few months. Yep, the status that I share with many like me, is of a professional social sciences researcher without funding or job position. Not that I haven’t looked for it ( every opening) but it is just the time that we are living in. We just have to stand in line for the next train but keep producing science so that when the train stops at our station, the ticket we hold is valid…

alc5445Despite the drama of the low financial of my academia life, I’m working over the clock and on exciting projects. One of that is Old Goa Revelations that will take me again to Goa very soon. Since time is of the essence, this website of mine will surely be neglected for a few more than I would like to but be sure to find me and the team of OGR in the next months.

So there it is: the invitation to follow the website, facebook page, youtube channel of Old Goa Revelations: New insights on the Viceroys Portrait Gallery

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