Back to Portugal, Goa and back

Long time no see!

Yes, in fact, my bad. It was another of those intense travels for research and then festivities settled in (Xmas and new years eve) on my return from India and it was family time.

De Artibus in Auream Goa, before Conference at Fundação Oriente, Fontainhas

But then again, just a few day after I’ve returned to India in January as part of a research team De Artibus in Auream Goa – Contextualization of the Influence of the Royal Lisbon Workshop and its pictorial technique beyond national territory. The project is funded by FCT-Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Orient Foundation and gathers experts from several institutions in Portugal, cooperating with also a large number of institutions in India.

To know more about this project please check the interview, links provided: Newspaper article Pg1 and Pg2.

hora-dos-portuguesesIn Goa I got invited for an interview for RTP International over the show Hora dos Portugueses.

This interview is a small sample of my research work by India and if you are interested in checking it follow the links provided: Hora dos Portugueses, Episódio 25 RTP and Youtube.

Spoiler alert: I’m speaking portuguese

It was an intense end of the year with an intense start of a new one. Until my return.

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