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2016-11-07_184814After a few flights, and a lot of hours travelling, a week as already passed and I’m all set to restart the project. The locations are already chosen and I’m all set to get to the next round. Next round means a lot of travelling, for the archdiocese is not just Goa, it’s also Daman and Diu. Next round also means that I’ll be meeting new people, and get to see old friends and acquainted.

It will mean a lot of travelling (for the Archdiocese is not just Goa, it’s also Daman and Diu). And also, it means I’ll be meeting new people, and get to see old friends and acquainted.

It will be interesting to see again some places that I haven’t visited since 2007, others since 2009 and a few since 2012. The benefits of it is the data already collected from my previous travels allows me to get insider readings for my considerations regarding effective conservation-restoration practices and preventive conservation measures.

No false morality here: this is the benefit of being in and out of India for almost 10 years now. In those 10 years, I’ve become an advocate for the indo-portuguese heritage, giving it the voice it needs to fight for survival, helping people get informed about legislations, best conservation-restoration practices and measures to prevent greater or total loss (preventive conservation). I might be only one person in Goa, but a multidisciplinary team of experts is always holding my back, and that is always the way to go: multidisciplinary teams (and trained professionals with years of experience in this very particular climate, and minimum intervention, and compatibility, and reversibility… this never gets old and I will say it until the end of my days).

Those implicated in this last sentence know who I’m talking about so thank you always. A heavenly thank you, though, goes to Miguel Mateus, my mentor in this C&R questions, whom Goa heritage and myself have a lot to thank for.

Until the next post, Dev Borem Korum!

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