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This was me, back in 2019 before a big world and personal turn:

In the meantime, and while we all academics are waiting for answers relating to the submitted projects to FCT, I’ve started a different and exciting collaboration with the Portugal’s Constitutional Court until the end of October, to do one of the many things I know out to: collaborate in the organization of the Quadrilateral Meeting between Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. So, if you are around Lisbon or Leiden in the next days, you might just bump into me.

Until next time.

Mónica Esteves Reis, July 2019

Next time turned into NOW (…oh the shame). So, what happen you may ask?

I got in total Press Officer mode/student, that’s what happen.

My “end of October” collaboration with the Constitutional Court turned into august 2021, in a total of 3 consecutive nominations, to the opening of a total new world to me that led me into a post-graduation in Political Advising and Media at Institute for Public Policies of the University Institute of Lisbon (IPPS-ISCTE) and to endless possibilities that the future still holds. All in pandemics survival mode.

It also took me to a new city, Évora, that is now my home and since last august I’ve pretty much have been doing a lot of the things that 2 years on the road (Lisbon-Tavira-Lisbon, essentially) have prevented me from doing.

Between article writings, interior designing, branding, website designing, managing a rural tourism location, and acquiring new skills, I’m also putting myself on the market for my Press Officer, Public Relations, Event Producer skills.

Until then, this is were you’ll find me:

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