LIVRO| Retábulos na Província do Norte – Baçaim, Damão e Diu

Já saiu.
O livro, co-autorado por mim e Francisco Lameira “O Retábulo na Província do Norte – Baçaim, Damão e Diu”, é a mais recente publicação da Promontória Monografia História da Arte. Neste estudo compilaram-se 50 exemplares de talha atualmente dispersos, pelas regiões que compõem o titulo, e por Goa e Moçambique.

Interessados em adquirir o livro (e o volume sobre Goa da mesma colecção) podem contactar-me.

Lameira, Francisco, e Reis, Mónica Esteves. Retábulo na Província do Norte. Baçaim, Damão e Diu. Departamento de História, Arqueologia e Património da Universidade do Algarve. Promontória Monográfica – História da Arte 18. Faro: Greca Artes Gráficas Lda, 2019. (ISBN 978-989-8859-63-1)

Summer in the City?

15894490958_d73e458d03_bSummer is here but despite the sunny invitation of lazy afternoons, beach and sun baths and friend reconnections, looks like I’m going to have a summer, not in the city, but in the cities. The song that is echoing in my brain (Summer In The City by The Lovin’ Spoonful) brings the promise that despite the heat it’ll be alright. I can live with that for now but check on me by the end of the month! My summer will be a good mix of long hours over the computer, conferences, travel, fieldwork and whatever time left I have is going straight to family time. Yes, before the summer ends I would have talked in 6 different events, travelled two continents and done a little bit more of fieldwork.

Bellow, I’ve broken down this information and presented it by date of the event. All extra information for each event can already be seen at this website Agenda |Conferences&Lectures

Upcoming events:

And now, back to writing, but I will try to keep this website up-to-date as I go. All off you that can attend the events please do so, they are full of interesting people with very interesting ideas, projects and research data that i’m also looking for to learn.


Welcome October and the academic duties

October starts with the regular visa application to India and ends with the travel to it. In between, a lot of work will take place. Like always, India is not a vacation site to me so, work, meetings, research are on the agenda. Of course, occasional friends visits also.

But before getting myself into an aeroplane where is what is going to happen:

International Conferences

Diu e os Diuenses – Perspetivas Multidisciplinares

Venue: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa e ISCTE-Instituto Universitario de Lisboa

When: October 27-28.

Organization: Hugo Cardoso | Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa and Pedro Pombo | IIT Gandhinagar; CEI-IUL

diu-poster-a3-imagemThe island of Diu, off the coast of the modern state of Gujarat, in India, currently has a relatively small population (around 40,000 inhabitants) and a peaceful atmosphere that sharply contrast with a remarkable built heritage and camouflage a history of great centrality and dynamism. Despite the significant amount of scholarly research done on Diu and the Diuese in different fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Diu is still commonly treated in articulation with (and overshadowed by) regions like Daman or Goa, which often dilutes the specificities of this territory. This congress places Diu and its inhabitants at the very centre of the debate, and from there explores the multiplicity of connections they establish with other parts of the world.